On this page we present the results from the competitions team HiGtech has participated in.

HiGtech has achieved great improvements over the years, including the somewhat amazing improvement of 587 km/l between 2014 and 2015, which gave a new Swedish record in fuel efficiency for petroleum-powered cars and a sixth place in the Shell Eco Marathon 2015 – with the result of 1309,0 km/l!

Competition Car Result
FMMC 2017 Reborn 1024,0 km/l
SEM 2017 Reborn 1127,0 km/l
SEM 2015 Reborn 1309,0 km/l
SEM 2014 Nova 721,76 km/l
FMMC 2013 Stella 657 km/l
SEM 2013 Stella 600,22 km/l

*SEM – Shell Eco Marathon
**FMMC – Finnish Mileage Marathon Club.