Our first car, Stella, did attend at the prototype class for combustion engines at Shell Eco Marathon, Rotterdam, Netherlands 2013. The car was powered by a four stroke engine fueled with petrol.

Stella was made in the spring of 2013 to compete in the Shell Eco Marathon 2013. As time was short HiGtech borrowed a mold from Chalmers Vera Team. The body was casted in fiberglass, resulting in a very stable but heavy body.

Stella’s engine is a self-made single-cylinder four-stroke engine with a displacement of 58 cc.

Stella is a solid and reliable car, but in order to reach greater heights the team felt that a new, lighter car needed to be built already for next year’s competitions, therefore Nova was built.

600,22 km/l of gasoline at Shell Eco Marathon 2013.
657 km/l of gasoline at Finnish Mileage Marathon Club, Nokia 2013.

IMG_1042 Stella at the 2013 competition of Shell Eco Marathon, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
47866_10151359708632513_995952780_n[1] Engine parts are being produced in a CNC milling machine at our workshop.
 motor The engine, HiG158, which was used in Stella at the 2013 competition in Rotterdam.
 477149_337661459670690_1630224763_o The chassis built for Stella.