The Team

Team HiGtech is an independent project group at University of Gavle. The team is a part of the Shell Eco-Marathon Group and consists of aspiring mechanical engineering students.

Team HiGtech 2015. Photo: Per Blomqvist

Team HiGtech 2015. Photo: Per Blomqvist

The project started in the spring of 2012 when Fredrik Mickelsson got in touch with Anders Johansson, PhD student at Chalmers University of Technology, during a competition in energy efficient rail vehicles. Later that year a project was started involving teachers and students at the College of Engineering and Environment at the University.

The primary objective was to participate in the competition, but with a goal that within five years to become one of the top teams in the competition. After three years in the competition, team HiGtech had improved their results from driving 600 km/l to 1309 km/l and was placed on the sixth place in the 2015 competition. A new target was needed, which is set to further develop the vehicle in order to compete for a podium place.

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