Test track, with some issues

Yesterday did not go as planned, we got the preparations done and were ready for the practise runs and wanted the driver to feel what its like to drive it before we get her out along with other cars. She did about 40 m on the test track and the wedge for the starter gear broke. So back to the paddock and started to strip down the drivetrain and we notice that the wedge for the clutch was also close to really close to breaking down. So we replaced both of them and assemble the engine. We had time for a teststart before the paddock closed for the night.

Our teammanager have been interviewed for some sort of commercial for the event which is going to be shown at the event area. We were also infront of the family photos for the event and they were filming too, so keep your eyes out for that.

Today we are tuning the engine and will make a practise run on the track. Stay tuned for more updates!