Back in Gävle

So now we are finally home and just unpacked all of our stuff, the trip went great. As many of you might already know we did not get any results at this years Shell Eco-Marathon, due reasons beyond us. That’s racing, sometimes you get a result and sometimes you don’t.

We want to thank our sponsors for making this trip and competition possible for us, we really appreciate your support. We also like to thank our friends for making this event even better.

Now the focus is on the Finish Mileage Marathon August 18/19, we’re we hopefully will get a official result for the 2018’s season. More updates will come soon!

Second raceday!

Yesterday we did our first race attempt that sadly went invalid since we diden’t finished in time. Several of yellow flags made in impossible to get some flow in the driving but we’re happy that the car made the attempt without any brakedowns.

Now we’re queing for the second race attempt and hopefully we will get a valid result, follow the race live at 12 o’clock today at

Here comes som photos from the week. IMG_3326 IMG_3357 IMG_3372 IMG_3250 IMG_3275 IMG_3281 IMG_3288 IMG_3296 IMG_3299

Test track, with some issues

Yesterday did not go as planned, we got the preparations done and were ready for the practise runs and wanted the driver to feel what its like to drive it before we get her out along with other cars. She did about 40 m on the test track and the wedge for the starter gear broke. So back to the paddock and started to strip down the drivetrain and we notice that the wedge for the clutch was also close to really close to breaking down. So we replaced both of them and assemble the engine. We had time for a teststart before the paddock closed for the night.

Our teammanager have been interviewed for some sort of commercial for the event which is going to be shown at the event area. We were also infront of the family photos for the event and they were filming too, so keep your eyes out for that.

Today we are tuning the engine and will make a practise run on the track. Stay tuned for more updates!

Technical Inspection is now complete

Today started with us finishing the last tests to get the car ready for the track, it went really smooth and fast. Right now we are doing tuning to the engine, at 13 (local time) the track is going to open for pratice runs. And we will take that oppertunity and try to get our driver som experience. More uppdates after the practice runs.IMG_3417

Tuesday’s summery

Today we have fired up the engine and it works fairly well, struggled a bit earlier today with the ECU, but that is sorted out now and we still got some fine tuning to do for the best possible result. We got into the technical inspection at the end of the day so we only managed to finish 9/12 of the step to get the car approved for the road. Tomorrow at 07:30 t technical will continue for us and we hope to finish it before lunch.The driver was in the car for the first time and it went great. She’s excited to be behind the wheel.

The evening will continue with some adjustments of the chassie and engine tuning.IMG_3331

HiGtech goes to SEM 2018 in London!

HiGtech arrived to London yesterday at 11 am yesturday and started the process of signing in the team. We got a quick view of the track and can tell that the “killer hill” has been removed since last year and the track is shorter. We droped off the car in paddock and went to the campsite to build up our camp. At about 14 pm we took a late brunch before we started to complete the car for technical inspection. We are aming to go through technical inspection today and get the drivers in the car as soon as possible.

We have gotten our drivers checked in and we are currently continuing with the last small changes for the technical inspection which opens 2 o’clock. We hope that it will go as smooth as possible, more updates comming soon!IMG_3253 IMG_3264

Bodywork workshop!

There are some action going on in the workshop! Further improvements according to aerodynamics will be achieved by a new bodywork. This year, team HiGtech will be manufacturing everything ourselves in the workshop. The slideshow below shows two 3D-printed models of what is the new bodywork and the old. The models will be tested in a real world wind tunnel to confirm our computerized simulations.

The work to produce a new plug is already running, which is also visible in the slideshow below. First, a large number of slices are cut, then the slices are glued together and sanded. After that the plug will be used to create a mold, in which the bodywork finally will be casted.

3D-printed models of the new (to the left) and the old bodywork (to the right).
A body slice is being cut.
A large amount of slices will be cut, glued together and sanded before the mold plug is complete.



Simulations and optimizations

The team manager and 3rd choise driver in real world chassis and virtual body lines.

The team manager in a real world chassis and a virtual body.

HiGtech are of course planning to attend at the Shell Eco Marathon 2015.

Currently we are looking at areas for improvement and have simulated several parts of Nova. Simulations will be used more frequently than before in our development activities this year.

The picture above shows an alternative to our present body. We run various prototypes in a simulated wind tunnel, which shows the magnitude of the drag force.

The engine with the surrounding parts are being optimized. The engine is soon to be connected to a test bench, in which it will be loaded and the fuel consumption will be measured.

The results

Waiting for the results...

Waiting for the results…

Yesterday we finally completed a race! We had higher ambitions when we started this project, and was hoping to get opportunity to hit the tracks a lot more – but after all the circumstanses we are satisfied with the result of a consumption of 721,76 km/l of gasoline.

You will find all the results on this page (Choose Prototype > Gasoline):

Rotterdam day 5

A lot has happened today – first we drove the car on the small test track and once again we had problems with the ignition. We went back to the paddock and got it fixed. Then it was time to race! Everything went really well for both the car and the driver until the engine didn’t start on the eight lap.

We feared that the race would be over for us this year, but upon closer inspection, we think we can sort out the problem. Lots of tinkering is going on in the paddock and we hope to get it ready tonight so we can race tomorrow at the last race attempt.