The results

Waiting for the results...

Waiting for the results…

Yesterday we finally completed a race! We had higher ambitions when we started this project, and was hoping to get opportunity to hit the tracks a lot more – but after all the circumstanses we are satisfied with the result of a consumption of 721,76 km/l of gasoline.

You will find all the results on this page (Choose Prototype > Gasoline):

Rotterdam day 5

A lot has happened today – first we drove the car on the small test track and once again we had problems with the ignition. We went back to the paddock and got it fixed. Then it was time to race! Everything went really well for both the car and the driver until the engine didn’t start on the eight lap.

We feared that the race would be over for us this year, but upon closer inspection, we think we can sort out the problem. Lots of tinkering is going on in the paddock and we hope to get it ready tonight so we can race tomorrow at the last race attempt.

Rotterdam day 4

When arriving to the paddock today we had some problems with the ignition again, when the problems where solved we tried the car on the track, unfortunately we crashed the side of our car against the railing of the track. Luckily there was no physical damage to our driver, but we had to repair the body of the car.

We didn’t get everything ready for the race, but we have tested the car on a small test track. Now we are aiming to race tomorrow at 12:30.

Rotterdam day 3

Today we passed the technical inspection. Later on we had some problems with the ignition, we found the problem that was caused by a failed trigger signal. Tomorrow morning we are going to test the car for the first time on the tracks and later on drive in the competition.

Rotterdam day 2

We arrived to Rotterdam yesterday and have been working to get the car ready since then. Now we are almost done and are aiming for technical inspection tomorrow morning.