Tuesday’s summery

Today we have fired up the engine and it works fairly well, struggled a bit earlier today with the ECU, but that is sorted out now and we still got some fine tuning to do for the best possible result. We got into the technical inspection at the end of the day so we only managed to finish 9/12 of the step to get the car approved for the road. Tomorrow at 07:30 t technical will continue for us and we hope to finish it before lunch.The driver was in the car for the first time and it went great. She’s excited to be behind the wheel.

The evening will continue with some adjustments of the chassie and engine tuning.IMG_3331

Saturday summary


The day started great with the successful first race scoring a result of 901 km / liters.

After the race we prepared the car for a second race.
We managed to head out for the race but on the 6:th lap the race had to be aborted due to there being too many other cars standing still on the track which caused the engine to overheat but the driver shut of the engine before anything bad happened.

We’re currently working on optimizing the car and hope to be able to improve our result tomorrow.

We also participated in taking the official team photography by the event organizers.



Celebration of the Swedish record

University of Gävle organized a celebration for HiGtech in the university’s entrance today. During the celebration, we presented Reborn and talked about the work behind. Thanks, University of Gävle!

Team HiGtech and Reborn! Photo: Per Blomqvist
Waiting for the event to begin. Photo: Jonas Söderström
Jakob talks about the work behind Reborn, the competition and the record.
Photo: Jonas Söderström
Photo: Jonas Söderström

The plug


Nilsson Composite has started manufacturing the plug for our new body. The 29 elements you see in the picture should now be carved and sanded to the final shape, before the mold can be manufactured. Then the body will be molded in carbon fiber.


The chassis went into production during the last week and almost all of the tubularframe was completed. Before we can complete the final parts of the tubularframe, we need to determine some dimensions.

Some parts of the steering are also designed and will be manufactured shortly.

Ram 4Ram 3Ram 2Ram 1


The group that develops the body of our new vehicle is approaching the final shape. Not much is left before we can start making the mold and then fabricate body with carbon fiber. The carbon fiber will lead to a significant reduction in weight compared to the previous car’s body, which was made of fiberglass. The new body will look different than the previous car’s body, which we believe will lead to better aerodynamics.CAD-bild Nova

Testing chassi

The chassi is approaching its final shape, we have tested various tubular structures with Ansys to see which is the best in terms of weight and strength.

The weight of the new chassis will be about 3.5 kg compared to Stella’s chassis weighing about 8.5 kg so we will make a good weightreduction of the chassis.

Now we have a few small things left to design on the chassi before we start the manufacturing

.Ansys chassi

An update from the team


At the moment the development of a new car is in full swing and our goal is to have the car ready to compete at the Shell Eco Marathon in Rotterdam in May. With the experience and knowledge that we brought with us from our first year in the competition, we aim to improve our performance.

The team has expanded since last year, with a lot of new members. The number of development groups that were two last year are now five.

We’ve recently decided to write our updates in English and promise to keep you updated during the progress!

Lukas is creating a 3D-model of the new body, Simon and Jakob discusses the development of our new engine.

This material will be milled out and finally become engineparts. Thanks to Alderholmens Mekaniska for the material!

Resultat och bilder


Nu såhär en vecka efter tävlingarna i Rotterdam känner vi oss otroligt stolta över vad vi har presterat. Vi lyckades köra 600,22 km på en liter 95-oktanig bensin. Totalt lyckades vi placera oss på 17 plats av 64 lag, på vårt första år i tävlingen. Långt ifrån mätta ser vi fram emot kommande utmaningar, näst upp Finland i augusti.

Många nya idéer har kläckts och vi hoppas vidare på ett gott samarbete med våra sponsorer och alla ni som har lyft oss framåt.

Här nedanför kommer bilder från tävlingen i sin korthet. Fler uppdateringar hittar ni på vår Facebook-sida.

IMG_1422 IMG_1484 IMG_0174 IMG_0229 IMG_0231 IMG_0238 IMG_0242 IMG_0249 IMG_0258 IMG_0332 IMG_0343 IMG_0348 IMG_0480 IMG_0530 IMG_0556 IMG_0564 IMG_0572 IMG_0584 IMG_1042 IMG_1164 IMG_1192 IMG_1204 IMG_1208