Rotterdam day 4

When arriving to the paddock today we had some problems with the ignition again, when the problems where solved we tried the car on the track, unfortunately we crashed the side of our car against the railing of the track. Luckily there was no physical damage to our driver, but we had to repair the body of the car.

We didn’t get everything ready for the race, but we have tested the car on a small test track. Now we are aiming to race tomorrow at 12:30.

Rotterdam day 3

Today we passed the technical inspection. Later on we had some problems with the ignition, we found the problem that was caused by a failed trigger signal. Tomorrow morning we are going to test the car for the first time on the tracks and later on drive in the competition.

Rotterdam day 2

We arrived to Rotterdam yesterday and have been working to get the car ready since then. Now we are almost done and are aiming for technical inspection tomorrow morning.

Engine start

The engine is now mounted into the car and successfully started. The exhaust system is all that remains before the engine and drivetrain is ready for the race!



The engine HiG-145 is almost completed and will soon be mounted in the car.

Please take a look at the pictures in the slideshow below!

It’s the small parts that matters

Hello again!

It’s been a while. Manufacturing of the engine progresses, smaller parts have been produced like valves, rockers and cam bearing holder. It may not look like much – but it’s the small parts that matters!

Cylinder head, valves and cam bearing holder.

Cylinder head, valves and cam bearing holder.

Handcrafted valves - Made with a tolerance as good as 1 Ångström! :)

Handcrafted valves – Made with a tolerance as good as 1 Ångström! :)”

The plug


Nilsson Composite has started manufacturing the plug for our new body. The 29 elements you see in the picture should now be carved and sanded to the final shape, before the mold can be manufactured. Then the body will be molded in carbon fiber.

A first glance of the engine

It starts to look like something! The manufacturing of our engine continues. Yesterday the cylinder head was completed and today we received two cylinders from Alderholmens Mekaniska.

The engine will use one cylinder, but we will test two different cylinders to achieve optimal function.

Take a look at the photos below and get an idea of ​​how the engine will look like!

Two cylinders.

toppThe cylinderhead with cam shaft fasteners.

Crankcase, cylinder and cylinderhead.


The chassis went into production during the last week and almost all of the tubularframe was completed. Before we can complete the final parts of the tubularframe, we need to determine some dimensions.

Some parts of the steering are also designed and will be manufactured shortly.

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