Finnish Milage Marathon 2017 

We are in Nokia now for the Finnish Milage Marathon! 

The Finnish Milage Marathon is a competition that is held annually at the Nokian Tyres test track. Each team that participates brings their own prototype car and the goal is to drive as fuel efficiently as possible. 

The car we’re competing with is Reborn which you’ve seen from Marathons we’ve participated in before. Reborn have a petrol powered combustion engine. 

We’re here to gain experience of competing as a team and the goal is to improve the result of 1127 km/l we got in London at the 2017 Shell Eco Marathon.

The first sessions starts 14:30 CEST. 

Successful final day in London Shell Eco-Marathon


Continuing on from yesterday where we achieved a decent result of 901 km/liter, the goal today was to improve our result today.

We managed to head out to the track early and successfully completed a race which improved our result to 1127 km/liter.

The result was an achievement we were very pleased with but we had time to do one final race, so we tuned the engine so that it would be even more effective but it also developed more power so on the final race the crankshaft failed on the 2:nd lap.

We’re now packing our garage and will be heading home tomorrow with a result we’re proud of.

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Saturday summary


The day started great with the successful first race scoring a result of 901 km / liters.

After the race we prepared the car for a second race.
We managed to head out for the race but on the 6:th lap the race had to be aborted due to there being too many other cars standing still on the track which caused the engine to overheat but the driver shut of the engine before anything bad happened.

We’re currently working on optimizing the car and hope to be able to improve our result tomorrow.

We also participated in taking the official team photography by the event organizers.



First race


We successfully achieved the goal of setting a result today!

After failing to get out on track yesterday the goal for today was to get the car working and set a result.

We successfully completed a race of 10 laps which means we now have a registered result of 900 km / liters.

The goal now is to try and optimize so that we can improve our result.

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Second day of practice

After the opening ceremony we continued with practice driving the track.

Today was the last day of practice so the goal was to drive 10 laps as that is the distance to be driven during the competition.

We achieved the goal of driving 10 laps but unfortunately an issue with the engine arose on the last lap.

The team is currently working on fixing the issue and hope to be able to put out a result tomorrow when the competition begins.

Opening ceremony

The official opening ceremony took place this afternoon. The ceremony took place on the track’s start/finish line where the cars will compete on.IMG_5387

The media coverage of the ceremony was massive since it’s the official open ceremony of this great competition.
Every participating country had its representative carrying its country’s flag.
We had the honor to be the team to represent Sweden during this ceremony.

Testing the track

The goal today was to pass the inspection and start testing the track. Reborn passed the inspections and we managed to test the car on the track during today’s practice session.

We’re pleased with today’s results although we ran into some issues. Luckily those we’re relatively easy fixes but it hindered us from doing more laps during the practice session.

Tomorrow we will participate in the opening ceremony and hope to be able to do even more running on the track.